Maria Bartholdi | The Pratfalls podcast


“Growing up my heroes were Gonzo and Pippi Longstocking.”

Maria Bartholdi is a multimedia producer with a reputation for wearing many hats. From videography and editing to field production and writing her work always has a strong storytelling sense with an emphasis on crafting emotional, unique, and visually stunning pieces. She has won multiple Emmy awards for her work in television production. Maria is also regularly found performing improv comedy live onstage and she hosts the wildly successful weekly podcast about Magic: The Gathering. Plus, she speaks Welsh and can do a perfect impression of R2D2 screaming.

On this episode of the show, Maria recites a poem from memory that she wrote in 3rd grade. She talks about why the thought of being normal always terrified her. Maria also talks about dealing with anxiety, why she’c comfortable being in control and deciding in early adulthood to have a stable income and reliable job while still pursuing her weird interests.

Plus, Maria shares her game of trying to think of the oddest thing you could say to a stranger that would make them have to leave the room.



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