Katharine Kelly | The Pratfalls podcast

Katharine Kelly“You’ll only regret the trips you don’t take.”

This episode features the delightful Katharine Kelly. Katharine is a writer, A digital strategist, a traveller, a mother, a food lover, and a heck of a conversationalist. She recently became a certified travel agent, helping others see the world in countless ways and she can make the most passionate case for why slot machines are a worthwhile past time.

In this conversation, Katharine talks about growing up writing stories. She explains what travel means to her and how she dreams of building a life around going on adventures. Katharine also talks about raising twin boys who are similar but different, being married to an independent theater owner and the different kind of ways she’s been a writer.

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  1. Posted May 11, 2016 at 9:20 am | Permalink

    Having a huge interest in travel i find Katherine’s conversation very intresting and intriguing. I am glad she chased after her passion and is now helping other people find their adventure.

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